Money Matters: Tips on Mortgages with Taylor Harrell

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  • What should you consider? 
    • Monthly Income 
    • Down payment 
    • Monthly payment 
    • Payback period 
    • Current level of debt 
  • What are some mortgage tips? 
    • Payments should be less than 25% of your monthly income 
    • Total monthly payments should be less than 40% of monthly income 
    • Put down 20% to reduce payments 
    • Ask about 15 to 20 year loans because these reduce interest in the long-run. 
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Money Matters: Tips on Retirement with Steve Kocen

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Planning for retirement is important for everyone. The younger you are, the easier it is to prepare.  

  • How is it easy to save for retirement when you’re young? 
    • 20 Years Old 
    • Save around $50-$100 per month 
    • You’ll accumulate around 1 million dollars by retirement age 
  • What is good advice to help plan for retirement? 
    • Start now 
    • Take advantage of employers retirement plan 
  • How do 401Ks benefit employees? 
    • Most employers will ...
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