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Our History

The Bank of Mount OliveThe year was 1910 when the men in the photograph gathered at the Strawberry Market in Mount Olive, North Carolina. Their local bank, The Bank of Mount Olive, was nine years old at the time, and reflected the values of the day. It was a place where their money was safe and earned good interest. A place where they were treated as friends and respected as individuals. A place where one's word was as solid as a handshake. Today, The Bank of Mount Olive is Southern Bank and Trust. Our 100-plus years of prosperity have led us to be one of the 10 largest banks in North Carolina and one of the safest, soundest banking institutions in the country. And while the men and strawberry market pictured above may only exist in the past, the values of the time they represent are alive and well at Southern Bank.

Southern Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern BancShares (N.C.), Inc. With its Corporate Headquarters located in Mount Olive, the Bank has total assets in excess of $2 billion and over 60 locations throughout eastern North Carolina and Virginia.

We have achieved our growth and success while staying true to our roots: a commitment to providing the citizens in North Carolina and Virginia with the best in banking products and services, while investing in the lives and communities of our fellow citizens "Down East." Embracing this sound, conservative banking philosophy for more than 100 years has afforded us gradual yet continuous growth.

Southern Bank is truly unique, and our mission is quite simple. We are large enough to offer the most innovative and convenient banking technologies of today, such as online banking, yet small enough to give our customers the smalltown, personal attention they've been getting since 1901. In the age of mega-banks and mergers, we strive to afford our customers the best of both worlds, combining hometown service with the best in banking technologies available today.

Whether it's Online Banking, VISA Check Card, or 24-Hour Access Banking through our ATM network and Customer Care Center, customers lose nothing by choosing Southern Bank. Yet they gain much in the way of personal attention and peace of mind in the knowledge that they are with a safe, sound, banking institution that cares about their needs.

That's what we mean by "Our interest is You." From the smiles we give to the services we offer, all we do is simply give our customers the best banking experience available.

If you bank with us, we thank you for your patronage and look forward to seeing you soon. If you don't bank with us, we invite you to come by one of our many locations and let us show you how great banking with us can be. Thanks for visiting our web site. Be sure to tell your friends and family about Southern Bank.

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