Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer (EV SSL) Certificates

Look for the Green Bar - to Help Keep Your Financial Information Secure

Security is a priority at Southern Bank. We are committed to protecting the security and confidentiality of your financial information. We use a combination of state-of-the-art technology and methods to help to protect your security.

Whenever you visit Southern Bank online, look for the green address bar (or a variation of the green bar depending on the browser) and verify that the owner of the Southern site you are intending to visit is indeed Southern Bank.

Example: Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Green Bar Experience
  1. Address Bar - The address bar will appear green indicating to users that the website is highly authenticated and secure.

  2. Padlock Icon - The padlock is prominently displayed within the address bar. Users may click on the padlock to view further details about the certificate and the certificate issuer.

  3. Security Status Bar - The status bar rotates between the name of the authenticated organization and VeriSign, the Certificate Authority that performed the Extended Validation authentication.

  4. Southern Bank uses EV SSL certificates to help you recognize when you are at the legitimate Southern Bank site and not a "spoofed" site created by fraudsters for purposes of illegally obtaining your financial information. EV SSL signifies that Southern Bank has passed a rigorous identity authentication process that triggers the browser address bar to display https:// in the url and turn a portion of the address bar green in IE7 and higher (see below for the experience in other high security browsers).

No Green Browser Bar?

A white or clear address bar shows when a secure session starts (url begins with https, not http) and the page is encrypted with SSL but no additional identity information is available for that website.

A yellow address bar means proceed with caution. Yellow is an indicator of a site that is suspicious of malicious activity. In short, there are certain characteristics of the site that are consistent with how fraudulent websites behave, but the site has not been officially confirmed as a fraudulent website.

A red address bar means stop. Either the site visited is a known phishing site that is misrepresenting its identity or a problem exists with the SSL Certificate used (i.e. it has been revoked, it is for the wrong website or the certificate has expired). Make sure that you have typed the correct Web address. If the error persists, you shouldn't browse further or enter any data into this website.

Other High Security Browsers

The experience in other high security browsers will be slightly different from IE7 but still consistently display an instance of the green bar when an EV SSL certificate is being used. If you use one of these other browsers, here is what you should look for:

Browser Indicator Go Caution Stop
IE 7+ Shading on address bar
Firefox 3+ Colorized button to left of address bar
Opera 9+ Colorized security bar to right of address bar
Safari 3.2+ Colorized organizational name to right of url X X
Google Chrome Colorized https text X X
iPhone Colorized organizational name at top of browser X X

EV SSL is another way that Southern Bank is helping you to make better and safer decisions when you transact with us online.