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Learn more about Image Lockbox. Call the Call Center at 1-855-275-7226 Option 3,2
Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Online access to wholesale lockbox remittance images

Southern Bank Image Lockbox streamlines the posting of wholesale lockbox receivables by providing your business with secure Internet access to your remittance images of invoices, checks and correspondence.

Images archived online for 180 days

Images are archived for 180 days and can be easily retrieved by check number, amount or deposit date, thus allowing your customer service area to respond to inquiries quickly.

Online reporting updated daily

Image Lockbox online reports are available each morning with up-to-date information from the previous business day. You no longer have to wait for hard copy reports to be delivered to your business by courier or the postal service.

Images available on a CD-ROM

Need to have more than 180 days of your remittance images available to access? We can provide you a CD-ROM of your remittance images, delivered to your business weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

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