Selecting an Advisor

Your financial goals

In order to reach your financial goals and be prepared for major financial events in your life such as purchasing a home, financing a college education and saving for retirement, it is important to have the right investment strategy in place. A knowledgeable Infinex Investments, Inc. Financial Consultant can help you determine what that strategy might be. After thoroughly examining the status of your current investment profile and your goals for the future, your Infinex Investments, Inc. Financial Consultant can help you customize an investment strategy targeted to meet your individual needs.

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Finding the right investment for you

Many considerations such as age, tax bracket and income need to be taken into account when choosing the right investments for your portfolio. Some examples include managed account programs, asset allocation programs, mutual funds, unit investment trusts, tax-advantaged investments, individual securities such as stocks, government bonds, municipal bonds and corporate bonds. Within these categories, there are literally thousands of options from which to choose, and working with an Infinex Investments, Inc. Financial Consultant can make it easier to sift through all of the possibilities and help you make the appropriate choices for you.

Asset allocation

You will work together with your Infinex Investments, Inc. Financial Consultant to determine how to best allocate your “investable” dollars to meet your current and future needs.

Some questions that will assist in determining how to allocate these dollars are:

  1. What is your primary financial goal—current monthly income? tax advantages? investing for retirement?
  2. How much money will you need for retirement?
  3. How much money will you need to reach your primary financial goal?

Ever changing needs

Having a strategy in place is important, but just as critical is the ability to respond to your changing financial requirements and fluctuations in the investment markets. A Infinex Investments, Inc. Financial Consultant who is familiar with your situation and who is in tune with the financial marketplace can keep you up-to-date and help adjust your investment strategy.

Working with an investment professional vs. doing it yourself

Let’s face it, investing is serious business. While many people are do-it-yourselfers, investing wisely takes knowledge and experience. The Infinex Investments, Inc. Financial Consultants we have made available to you have the experience and training to help you understand the investment options available to you and to help you evaluate the various risks and rewards associated with a multitude of investment choices. Working with a Infinex Investments, Inc. Financial Consultant doesn’t guarantee superior returns, it’s always best to have an objective discussion with a Infinex Investments, Inc. Financial Consultant about your investment objectives and how best to work toward them.

Think of investing as a journey through an unknown forest. Wouldn’t you feel better having a guide?

Convenience, the time factor and the help of an investment professional – Developing an investment strategy, monitoring your investments, keeping track of the paperwork and staying abreast of constantly changing regulations are all heavy consumers of time and thought. Knowing that a professional is handling the details and giving your portfolio the attention it needs makes having an investment program easy and convenient. It also saves you time and allows you to let someone else worry about the details for you.

You’re the decision-maker – Having a Infinex Investments, Inc. Financial Consultant is similar to employing the services of any other adviser. Recommendations are made based on a working knowledge of, and high level of experience, in the professional’s specialized field. However, you are the one making the final decisions, and the choice is yours as to how much you want to be involved in the management of your account.

Consider Southern Investment Services

While there are no concrete guidelines for selecting an investment adviser, it is important to have confidence in and feel comfortable with your representative. Once you have made the decision to enlist the help of an investment consultant, consider speaking with one of the Infinex Investments, Inc Financial Consultants we have made available to you. He or she would be happy to meet with you on a no-cost, no-obligation basis to discuss your financial goals, build a personal investment profile, and help you devise a strategy to reach those goals.

Infinex Investments, Inc. Financial Consultants have access to up-to-the-minute market information and the research tools necessary to serve your investment needs. Also, when you choose a Infinex Investments, Inc. Financial Consultant, you get a whole team of professionals working with you behind the scenes – a team that offers you an unmatched combination of knowledge, service, and professionalism.

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