(Kristen) Welcome to Money Matters at 7:57 with Justin Chastain. And, Justin, okay, help us out today. So, we all may want to know some tips on how to research stocks.

(Justin) I think everybody does, right? And even Warren Buffett says, "I’ll never give you advice on a basic stock," or a tip, but some basic things to do as you’re out looking around. Number one, go to websites like NerdWallet, Investopedia. Those are really good resources, too, to really talk more about fundamental analysis, and even technical analysis. And, again, if those words don’t make sense, go to those websites and kind of – we don’t have enough time on this section. Secondly, reach out to certain groups in the area. There are some basic investing classes they offer through universities noncredit. And then, thirdly, reach out to a trusted advisor.

(Kristen) I think that’s the biggest one. Yeah, make sure you talk to somebody you trust. We’ll see you guys next time at 7:57. Until then, remember financial wellness starts here.

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