When you open a Savings account with Southern Bank, you are making a great investment. Our Personal Savings offer the best benefits; from Christmas Club to Money Market Savings to Individual Retirement Accounts, Southern Bank has it all. When it comes to saving, we know what’s important. We work to offer you the best savings options, because you’re important to us.


Perfect for those just starting to save, you can open a Regular Savings account with a low initial deposit. Interest is compounded daily and credited to your account monthly. Use your Visa Check Card or ATM card to make deposits, withdrawals or transfers.

  • Earns Interest
  • Funds are easily accessible
  • No monthly maintenance fee with $200, minimum balance
  • Restrictions apply


Plan for your Christmas purchases early by opening a Christmas Club account. Simply deposit a little money each month (you choose the amount), and Southern Bank will automatically cut a check for the balance just in time for holiday shopping. This is a convenient, non-interest bearing account.

  • Start with $25
  • You choose how much to deposit
  • We mail you a check for the balance in November, just in time for Christmas!
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An Easy Way to Make Saving Automatic

With the Savings Made Simple program, every time you use your Southern Bank debit card the transaction is rounded up to the nearest dollar. To get started with this free service, all you need is your Southern Bank debit card and checking account, and a Southern Bank savings account.


Individual Retirement Accounts are a great way to start saving for your future. Southern Bank has a great selection of tax-deferred IRA investments to suit your needs. Select from:

  • $100 minimum deposit to open
  • Roth or Traditional IRAs available
  • Fixed or variable rates
  • Tax-deferred investments

Money Market Accounts

Money market accounts deliver a better interest rate on your savings, with easy access to your funds. Since the interest rates are tiered, the higher your balance, the more you earn.

  • Standard and Premium Accounts
  • Interest rate based on balance – the higher the balance, the higher the rate
  • No monthly fee when qualifiers are maintained

Certificate of Deposits (CDs)

At Southern Bank, we have designed our Certificate of Deposits so that you get the most out of your savings. With our fixed rate of interest and FDIC insurance, you will rest in knowing that we are keeping your money safe. These CD’s have a flexible term that range from one week to five years, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

  • $500 minimum deposit to open
  • Guaranteed rate of return
  • Terms range from one week to five years

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