(Jessica) Welcome to Money Matters on the Southern Bank Financial Wellness Network. I'm Jessica.

(John) And I'm John.

(Jessica) And today we're talking about dealing with finances after a natural disaster strikes.

(John) That's right, Jessica. You know there are a few key steps that you will want to take as quickly as possible. The first is to replace any important documents that may have been lost and ensure your identity is protected from theft.

(Jessica) Next, file with insurance. Make sure to record your claim number, date the claim was submitted, and all contact you have with your insurance agent and other contacts related to the claim. Keep copies of your repair receipts or invoices as well.

(John) Yeah, and remember, you may also be able to reach out to assistance programs, such as FEMA, and see if there are programs available through your bank.

(Jessica) Finally, if you are unable to make payments on any debts, communicate with your creditors for payment plan options. We'll see you next time on Money Matters. And remember, Financial Wellness starts here!

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