(Kristen) Welcome to Money Matters at 7:57 with Justin Chastain. And, Justin, we talk a lot about budgeting, but this is a big one. What's "budget anxiety"?

(Justin) A lot of people suffer for this, even myself when I hear the word "budget." You know, when I teach classes, I always say "achieving financial wellness." There's just something about that word that gives – it just makes us more uptight. But it's also because of our psychology of what we view it. We feel like when somebody comes in and helps us, we're going to have to give things up. No. We need to change that paradigm. So I say again, go back to three simple rules. Number one, write your values down. Number two, create a budget around your values.

(Kristen) OK.

(Justin) And, thirdly, start small and learn fast. And in that third step, reach out to a trusted advisor to help you along the way.

(Kristen) It's always good to have a guide, no matter what it is.

(Justin) No matter where you are.

(Kristen) Let’s cut that anxiety out in 2022. We’ll see you next time at 757. Until then, remember: Financial wellness starts here.

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