(Kristen) Welcome to Money Matters at 7:57 with Justin Chastain. And, Justin, today I want to talk to you about something that a lot of people have questions about: travel insurance. I mean, we’re all getting out there again. So, what is it all about?

(Justin) Travel insurance is something that’s always good to have as we are getting out and traveling more. Now, I know what you’re thinking: More insurance, really? But, yeah, because, you know, as we’re traveling more for work, as we’re traveling more for vacations, this can really help protect you against a major event. And that’s really what you don’t want to happen is having to pay for things in your emergency fund or liquidity account for an emergency that could have been protected with travel insurance.

(Kristen) Yeah, and you always suggest going to your advisor because this could be something that’s already covered.

(Justin) Within your bank, debit card, credit card. Always ask with them. And then if you need that additional coverage, having that fiduciary trusted advisor is going to give you that guidance.

(Kristen) All right. Awesome. Thank you so much, Justin. We appreciate it, and we’ll see you guys next time at 7:57. Until then, remember that financial wellness starts here.

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