At Southern Bank, we want to see your business grow. No matter how small your business is, we have options that are guaranteed to satisfy your saving needs. Let us worry about your money while you expand your organization. Save stress, time, and money. Ask us how we can serve you through a Business Savings account today.

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This account provides the fundamental benefit of savings with liquidity and a stable source of interest-bearing funds. Business Savings is a practical, no-nonsense account. With a low initial deposit requirement, it’s perfect for even the smallest businesses.

Account is subject to approval.

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  • Commercial and Premium Accounts
  • Interest rate based on balance – the higher the balance, the higher the rate
  • No monthly fee when qualifiers are maintained

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Simplified Employee Pension (SIMPLE)
Implementing a SIMPLE, an employee salary deferral plan that requires a limited employer contribution, is a smart choice for many businesses. The flexibility afforded the employer and the peace of mind for employees makes a SIMPLE program attractive and beneficial. See your Customer Service Representative for more details.


Simplified Employee Pension (SEP)
Establishing a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) account is an excellent alternative to other retirement plans. Any size company is eligible, and this is an inexpensive, effective way to build tax-deferred savings for your employees’ retirement. Deductible contributions go directly into individual IRA accounts instituted for all eligible employees. See your Customer Service Representative for more details.