Remote Deposit Capture

(RDC) (Check Only)
Reduce costs, save time and improve your cash flow with image-based, paperless check deposits. With Remote Deposit Capture, you can simply scan checks to be deposited using a small scanner attached to a PC in your office, then transmit them to the bank for deposit via a secure internet connection.

Take advantage of the latest online imaging technology to expedite and streamline your bank deposits without leaving your office.

  • Save time and gas making your deposits right from your office – Reduces travel liabilities for employees, no deposit tickets or endorsement
    stamps needed.
  • The end of the day deposit crunch – No more rushing to prepare deposits and take them to the bank. Simply transmit your deposit when it is ready.
  • Extended deposit timeframe enhances availability – Deposits can be transmitted until 6 p.m. for same-day processing.
  • Increased productivity – Preparing and transmitting a deposit is fast and easy, freeing you to focus on more important tasks.
  • Managing your deposits: Check and deposit information archived for 24 months.
  • Automatic deposit balancing – Our scanning software reads the amount of each check and reconciles your deposit amount before transmission,
    helping to ensure accuracy.
  • Assurance that your deposit has been made – Each batch submitted generates a report that allows you to verify that your work was submitted
    and accepted by the bank.

(RDC) (Check and Coupon Scanning)
Automate deposit processing with accounts receivable processing into a onestep process with an advanced Remote Deposit Capture service that includes check and coupon scanning. This is a great alternative for smaller businesses with low to medium volume that would benefit from lockbox functionality.

Take advantage of the latest online imaging to expedite and streamline your bank deposits without ever leaving your office.

This feature offers:

  • The ability to export payment information for Accounts Receivable posting
  • Virtual Coupons to split a single remittance payment to multiple receivable accounts
  • Manual entry of check only payments
  • Virtual Coupons available for payments received without a coupon
  • Virtual endorsement “For Deposit Only” on check image
  • Stop/exception file import capability for stop payments
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Coupon and checks archived for 24 months
Remote Deposit Machine

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