Financial Wellness Network Money Matters: Emergency Funds

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(Jessica) Welcome to Money Matters on the Southern Bank Financial Wellness Network. I’m Jessica.

(John) And I’m John!

(Jessica) And today we’re talking about budgets and how to survive a busted budget.

(John) Jessica, the best way to survive a busted budget is to be prepared.

(Jessica) What if there’s a spike in gas prices or your car needs major repairs?

(John) Exactly. Those are things you have no control over. They just happen, and you have to adjust quickly.

(Jessica) How do we do that?

(John) Two words, Jessica: emergency fund. If you can keep at least a thousand dollars in an emergency fund, you’ll reduce stress and navigate the changing economy like a pro.

(Jessica) A thousand dollars?

(John) That’s right. And you can start as soon as you can. Even if all you can set aside is $10 a week. It will make all the difference next time things go haywire.

(Jessica) So, a little bit can go a long way for peace of mind and to help keep your budget on target. We’ll see you next time on Money Matters. And remember, Financial Wellness starts here!

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