Make a Mortgage Payment

Thank you for choosing to make your mortgage payment via our website. We hope this will provide you with the service you have come to expect from Southern Bank and Affiliated Mortgage Services (AMS).

To Pay from Your Checking Account:

Payments made online will be an electronic transaction and you will not receive a check in your statement. Funds may be withdrawn from your account on the day we receive your payment request. If you do not wish to have your payment processed electronically, please use one of our other convenient payment methods, such as check, auto-draft or credit card.

This method is accessible to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There may be times when the system is down for maintenance or is inaccessible. If your mortgage account is delinquent, this payment option is not available.

Payments submitted after 2:00 pm daily will be posted to your loan account the next business day.

Southern Bank and AMS will not be responsible for any errors in the information you provide. The information you enter in this system will be used for the processing of your payment only and will not be shared with any third party.

The following information is necessary in order to complete the online electronic payment: name, address, telephone number, account name, account number, payment amount. If you are paying an additional amount above your normal monthly payment, please specify in the box titles “Special Instructions for Payment” how you want the additional amount applied to your account (for example: Escrow or Principal). Please have your checking account information as well as your AMS mortgage information available.

AMS also offers the convenience of automatically drafting from your checking account and does not charge a service fee for the Auto-Draft process. We draft the mortgage payments up to the 15th of each month.

Contact AMS to arrange a monthly draft for your mortgage or payment for your mortgage via credit card.

Error Resolution & Information Request Procedures:

Should you feel an error has occurred on your account, or if you would simply like to request specific information or documentation on your mortgage loan, please follow our Error Resolution & Information Request Procedures.