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Your routing and account number can be viewed in Online Banking.The bank routing number for Southern Bank is 053102586. Checks display the routing number in the bottom left corner followed by the bank account number. See example on check below.

Southern Bank Check

If you are expecting to receive your stimulus payment as a direct deposit, the transaction name will be labeled “IRS TREAS 310 TAX REF.”

For more information, please visit

Please contact your local branch to make a branch appointment. Contact information for the branch can be found on our locations page.

You have multiple ways to bank without going inside a branch: Online Banking, Mobile Banking, ATMs, and the Drive Thru.

Yes. Your Southern Bank deposits are protected up to at least $250,000 by the FDIC. Southern Bank has been your neighborhood bank since 1901. It is a customer-focused community bank serving eastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia and it embraces sound banking philosophies.

Yes, just call your local branch and set up an appointment.

Please contact the merchant that you made a purchase with, but if you have any difficulties with the merchant and need to a file a dispute, you can contact your local branch.

We understand that the pandemic might cause some financial hardship for many of our customers, and we are happy to help. Just call your local branch for assistance.

The branch is still open during our typical banking hours and we are making appointments for those that wish to enter the bank to conduct business while observing social distancing guidelines.  Remember, you can always use the drive-thru, ATMs, Online Banking and Mobile Banking, as usual, to do your banking.

You can learn more about the FDIC at their website.

During this time, deceitful people might take advantage of our concerns and worries at a time like this. You want to be careful of phone calls, emails, and text messages from even legitimate sounding companies offering assistance at this time. Never give out your Social Security number, bank account numbers, or any other personal information.

At Southern Bank, we take protecting your personal information very seriously. Here are a few simple topics that you can use to increase the security of your personal information.

  • Use Strong passwords and User IDs. Hackers usually go for the most obvious passwords and logins. Try to avoid using family names, birthdays, and phone numbers. Another suggestion would be to think of a phrase, song lyrics, or quote. It’s a good idea to include capital letters, numbers, and symbols.
  • Don’t give out your personal information to anyone who contacts you by phone call, email, or text message. Don’t give out your Social Security number, account number, and any other information they can use to personally identify you.
  • Please report suspicious activity by contacting your local branch immediately.

If you are interested in requesting to waive your fees, such as, stop payment fees, OD/NSF fees, service/maintenance fees, please contact your local branch.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Southern Bank Prepared to Support Consumer and Small Business Clients Experiencing Hardship from the Impact of the Coronavirus

Southern Bank has announced client support response plans for its Consumer and Small Business clients that are experiencing unprecedented challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic. These plans include considerations for temporary payment deferrals or modifications for some of its consumer and business borrowers, as well as participating in financing programs forthcoming from the Small Business Administration as part of the $2 trillion dollar Federal Stimulus Bill recently enacted as part of the United States’ Financial Emergency Response Plan.  Southern Bank is continuing to provide uninterrupted access to all of its financial services.

“We understand that we are witnessing truly unprecedented conditions in our economy impacting our customers, employees and their families as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We are prepared to take unprecedented measures to help support our consumer and business clients, as we navigate through this period together,” said Southern Bank Chairman and Chief Executive Officer J. Grey Morgan.  “We are empowering our associates to reach out and provide flexible and innovative solutions for our customers that will help support them through this temporary environment.”

As we’ve done many times in the past under similar periods of temporary economic duress, such as natural disasters and the government shutdown, Southern Bank’s client support response plan includes considerations for the following:

  • Small business loans: clients can request to defer payments, make interest-only payments and request refunds on late fees.
  • Consumer loans: clients can request to defer payments, with payments added to the end of the loan.
  • Mortgages and home equity: clients can request considerations for flexible payment options.
  • In all of these instances, there will be no negative credit bureau reporting for up-to-date clients.

Southern Bank clients that are facing significant financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic response by local, state and federal governments are encouraged to contact your local Southern Bank branch associates for assistance.  Our associates remain available to assist you Monday – Thursday from 9am – 5pm, and Friday from 9am – 6pm.  We remain dedicated to maintaining access to all of our financial services across all channels, including:

  • 24 / 7 access to all clients’ Southern Bank accounts with our Online Banking, Mobile Banking and Business Mobile banking solutions.
  • Our Customer Care Team remains available at 1-855-ASK-SBANK (1-855-275-7226).
  • Nearly all of Southern Bank’s 60+ locations have ATM services.
  • For clients who make an appointment for an in-person visit at any of our Southern Bank branch locations, the company is taking proactive measures to protect clients and our associates, including practicing social distancing, performing enhanced cleaning procedures throughout each day and other similar measures to limit the risk of exposure, based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
  • Additionally, with a 5-Star Superior Rating for safety and soundness from Bauer Financial, the nation’s largest and most reputable independent bank rating firm, Southern Bank remains unquestionably healthy and will be here to help throughout, just like we have since 1901.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Notice to All Southern Bank Customers:

Lobby Traffic By Appointment Only Due To Restrictions Related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Due to the National State of Emergency declared by the US Government, as well as those enacted by State Governments, Southern Bank will be serving our customers through the drive thru window until further notice. Should you need to have a direct conversation with our associates, please call your local branch to set an appointment.  We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to resume normal operations as soon as possible.  Remember you can bank online and with our mobile banking apps for personal and business needs.  Our Customer Care Team also remains ready to assist you at 1-855-ASK-SBANK (1-855-275-7226). Thank you for choosing Southern Bank, where Our Interest is You!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Just like all other businesses and concerned citizens in our communities across the country and around the world, we at Southern Bank are closely monitoring the latest news about the coronavirus. Rest assured, we remain committed to being here to serve all of our customers and clients.

Remember that you have 24 / 7 access to all of your Southern Bank accounts with our Online & Mobile Banking and Business Mobile banking solutions.  Our Customer Care Team also remains available at 1-855-ASK-SBANK (1-855-275-7226).  And of course, our friendly associates remain ready to serve you at your local branch office.

If you haven’t already:

Download the Southern Mobile® app:

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Enroll in Southern Online Banking

You’ll be able to see transactions, account balances, make transfers, pay bills, send money to a friend or family member and even make deposits. And remember, with our digital wallet you can enjoy touchless banking right from your smart phone.

Unfortunately, cyber criminals and fraudsters alike take advantage in times like these to deceive unsuspecting and well-meaning people.  Remember, if we reach out to you about your accounts with us, we will not ask for confidential information such as your name, password, and personal identification number (PIN) or other account information. We have that information already.  See the Federal Trade Commission’s advice for consumers to protect yourself from scams.

Please save this page to your favorites and be sure to check back for updates as this situation continues to evolve over time.  Most importantly, make sure you take all of the necessary measures and precautions to protect your own personal health and that of those close to you.

For the latest information about coronavirus, please visit the CDC’s resource center.

In closing, rest assured that Southern Bank, with a 5-Star Superior Rating for safety and soundness from Bauer Financial, remains healthy and will be here for you throughout, just like we have since 1901.

As always, thank you for choosing Southern Bank, where our Interest is YOU.

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