Designed for businesses with comprehensive online banking needs, including secure multiple user access and custom reporting, Southern Business Pro brings the latest online banking technology to your desktop, laptop and tablet.

  • View balances for all your accounts on one page
  • View images of paid checks, deposits and deposited items
  • Transfer funds online between your Southern Bank accounts
  • Dashboard customization of account information
  • Place real-time stop payments on checks
  • Make payments on loans and lines of credit
  • Wide array of alerts per user available
  • Access up to 18 months of account transaction history
  • Access 16 months of account statements online
  • Provide access to multiple users and establish different authority levels
  • Download account information for all accounts simultaneously
  • Use Dual Control for transfers or payments to reduce or eliminate unauthorized transactions

Cash Management Services

Add any of the following Cash Management services for the ultimate online banking experience:

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • Template or File Upload
  • Direct deposit
  • Preauthorized drafts
  • Vendor payments
  • Wire Transfers
  • Initiate domestic wire transfers
  • Positive Pay
  • Detect and prevent check fraud
  • Online Bill Payments
  • Pay bills electronically or by check
  • Transaction download using Quicken, QuickBooks, CSV file or enhanced customer formats
  • Manage multiple business accounts with a SSO (single sign on)


Southern @WORKSM is designed to be a valuable benefit for both your company and your staff. Your company will save money on many banking services and enjoy increased productivity via direct deposit.

Your employees will enjoy many free and discounted services, bonus CD rates, and a higher level of personal service than they’ll find at most other banks.

Here’s an overview of the many benefits of Southern @WORK:

Business Banking Benefits

  • No service charge on Business Checking accounts for the first six months
  • No charge for the first order of checks (up to $100 value)
  • No monthly balance reporting fee on Business Online Banking for the first six months
  • No monthly maintenance fee for Business VISA Check Cards
  • Ask about our Corporate Credit Card, Merchant Services, and leases

Employee Banking Benefits

  • @Work Checking account, with no minimum balance or monthly maintenance fee, as long as the employee participates in direct deposit of payroll check*
  • Free Southern Sentry ID Theft Protection up to $1,000
  • Notary service at no charge, where available
  • Special rates on CDs
  • Free first single order of checks
  • VISA Check Card or ATM Card
  • 24-hour personal account information by telephone – account balances, information on checks paid and deposits made, transfer funds between accounts, place stop payments on checks, and make payments on several types of loans
  • Free online banking access
  • Free unlimited online Bill Pay Service
  • Free 3″ x 5″ safe deposit box†
  • Two non-Southern Bank ATM transactions each month at no charge**
  • Free cashier’s checks and traveler’s checks

Employee Borrowing Benefits

  • Up to $500 towards origination fee with approved Southern Bank (AMS) mortgage loan
  • Special rates on Southern Bank installment loans.*Get a 1/4 percent annual percentage rate discount on a new fixed or variable rate installment loan OR get a 1/2 percent discount by having the new loan payments automatically deducted


The inflow of payments and receivables is the lifeblood of any business. Southern Bank offers many collection solutions to improve your cash flow, reduce time spent on billing and collecting past due accounts, reduce postage costs, as well as crediting payments to your customers’ accounts.

ACH Drafts

Collect from your customers’ bank accounts and receive credit overnight with ACH Drafts. Using a Draft module on Southern Business Pro, your company can debit the account of any authorized customer with a few easy steps.

Some types of collections that work well for ACH Drafts are membership dues, rental fees, lease payments, insurance payments, church tithes and contract payments for a specific time period.

LockBox Services

Streamline your receivables processing and crediting to customers’ accounts with our Lockbox Services. You’ll save on clerical expenses, speed up your deposit processes and reduce the amount of time your company’s payments spend in the mail.

With our Wholesale and Retail Lockbox services, your customers mail their payments addressed to your company’s special Post Office box in Philadelphia, PA. Couriers retrieve your mail Monday through Saturday and deliver it to our Lockbox Center where your payments are opened and processed according to your instructions and then deposited to your bank account.

Retail LockBox Service

With our Retail Lockbox service, your customers mail in a machine-readable remittance document, or coupon, with each payment. We capture information from the coupons and the associated checks and produce a custom report containing the data you require for crediting your accounts receivable. You can develop an automated upload of this information to update customer accounts, greatly reducing clerical time spent posting receipts. Your staff will focus on exception items only (such as payments without coupons or multiple payments with one check.)

Wholesale LockBox Service

With our Wholesale Lockbox service, NetQuery Imaging affords your staff secure internet access to everything they need to update your customer accounts.

  • Checks, remittance coupons or invoices and customer correspondence are imaged
  • Your staff can quickly access 180 days of payment information to service customer inquiries
  • Images can be retrieved by amount, check number, payment date or a variety of other criteria
  • Historical images can be provided on CD-ROM

WebCheck Collections

Offer a whole new level of convenience for your customers with the ability to make their payments to you over the internet via a draft to their checking account. You’ll improve your collections and save on in-house expenses related to taking payments, preparing bank deposits and collecting past due accounts.



Anticipating available bank account balances and investing them to earn interest on idle funds is important to your business. Equally important is the ability to maintain the liquidity of your cash resources. Southern Bank offers a full line of overnight sweep investment options to help you maximize your investment opportunities while affording you immediate access to all your invested funds.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each day, idle balances above your predetermined “target” balance are invested
  • All balances in your account remain available to cover incoming checks or debits
  • Your account is credited for earnings daily

Reconciling your investment:

  • You recieve a daily confirmation shwoing your investment amount and collateral assigned to back your investment
  • You receive a monthly investment statement which includes your daily investment transactions, interest earned and your monthly interest total. All you’ll have to do is simply credit your interest to your account balance to reconcile.


If your company typically has outstanding debt on a Revolving Line of Credit or you occasionally have an overdraft, you should consider our Reserve Plus Service which attaches your Line of Credit to your Commercial Checking Account.

Here’s how it works:

  • Funds are transferred in amounts required to cover incoming checks or debits
  • A “target”, or minimum balance , is set within the Checking account and transfers to and from the line to maintain the Checking balance at this level

Benefits of Reserve Plus:

  • Your Commercial Checking Account is automatically funded from your Line of Credit
  • Excess balances in your Checking Account are automatically paid down against your Line of Credit, saving you interest If you have more than one checking account, you might also consider using our Zero Balance Service to concentrate all idle bank balances into the account tied to your Automatic Investment Sweep.



Save time and reduce costs associated with reconciling accounts and establish improved audit controls using our automated Account Reconciliation Plans.

Deposit Reconciliation:

Use this service to keep track of deposits from multiple locations or departments to a single Southern Bank account. A unique location code on each location’s deposit slip enables us to identify and report deposit activity to you by location. The more locations you have, the greater your potential savings in time and expense.

  • Reduces bank fees and in-house expenses by eliminating multiple deposit accounts and fund transfers
  • Provides detailed and summary deposit reports by location
  • Identifies returned deposited items and deposit corrections by location to speed reconciliation
  • Concentrates deposits in a single account
  • Provides internet access to deposit activity information

You can choose from:

  • EMV-capable Terminals
  • NFC/Contactless Processing
  • POS Processing
  • Mobile Processing
  • Business-to-Business Solutions
  • Apple Pay & Mobile Wallet Acceptance
  • iPad & Tablet Processing
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Gift and Loyalty cards
  • Online Reporting, etc.

Electronic Check Services
Accepting personal checks from your customers is simple, risk-free and includes:

  • Check Verification
  • Check Conversion
  • Check Collection
  • Check Guarantee

Merchant E-Connections

  • View up to six months of merchant history
  • Almost real time authorizations, settled transactions, batch history and merchant statements

We will provide you with a dedicated Merchant Services Account Representative as well as a dedicated Merchant Specialist. To get started, allow us to provide a no charge cost analysis to see if we can save you money.

Online Banking

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