(Kristen) Welcome to Money Matters at 757 with Justin Chastain. And Justin, there’s a lot of ways to pay the bills these days, so is it still important to know how to use checks as an option?

(Justin) It is because certain vendors still require a paper trail, and checks do provide that. But I do highly recommend, you know, in order to have checks, you have to have a checking account. This is a great way to receive direct deposits, use bill pay, automatic transfers to automate your savings, and also protect your identity.

(Justin) Again, to keep paper trails and then also vendors that will only take checks right now, this is a great way and to pay your bills.

(Kristen) And, quick answer, are checks still safe to use?

(Justin) They are, for sure.

(Kristen) Exactly, so that’s what we know. We all still have to use them, but go see your professionals if you have any questions about your checking account.

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