Hey! If you’re on the hunt for a financial advisor, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Number 1. Pick one that fits your style. Online advising services tend to offer simplified, cheaper investment management, whereas traditional advisors have passed a certification and may have a focused specialty. They are typically more expensive but provide a more comprehensive financial plan.

Number 2. Review your needs. A customized financial plan is very helpful, especially if you have a complicated financial situation or need a holistic view to tie your needs together. However, not everyone needs such a thorough plan, in which case the online advisor may be the better way to go.

Number 3. Verify your advisor. Before giving out any personal information, do some research on the company or person you’re considering. And if you get a bad vibe, trust your instincts. It never hurts to be safe.

Go to https://www.southernbank.com/investing/selecting-an-investment-advisor and find more information about selecting a Financial Advisor.

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