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(Kristen) Welcome to Money Matters at 757 with Justin Chastain. And, Justin, does everyone really need a customized financial plan?

(Justin) Of course, because everybody’s different. There’s no one plan to fit everybody’s needs.

I tell anybody, knowing your values early on in life, they will change. Look, I would hope I’m more mature than I was at 18 — probably not much, depending on who you ask — but the reality of it is, the things I value in life have changed.

So, my plan has changed as my life has changed. I lost my parents — well, my parent, my mother — and, at the end of the day, I needed to adjust things like power of attorneys. You need to make sure your plan is customizable based on your values.

(Kristen) Yeah, and is there a big difference right now between online and in-person?

(Justin) A hybrid of both. You need local support to understand your unique situation, but having digital is also convenient.

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