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The Money Mentor is your personal guide to financial knowledge. When you click the Start Here button below, the Mentor will ask a few short questions. Then, it will organize a list of short videos and educational resources to help you better reach your goals.

Whether you’re planning for college, a new home or retirement, the Money Mentor tools on this page will help guide you to success.


Here you’ll find the tools to help you project your cash flow, plan for college, pay off debt, create a budget, and much more.

My Dashboard

All your financial info. All in one place. My Dashboard allows you to connect all your bank accounts, your investments, your home, your loans and more. Once connected, you’ll be able to easily monitor all your activity, including spending, budgeting, and savings.


These short videos give you valuable information on timely financial topics, including identity theft, saving for retirement, and small business financing, to name a few.

Savings Made Simple Logo

An Easy Way to Make Saving Automatic

With the Savings Made Simple program, every time you use your Southern Bank debit card the transaction is rounded up to the nearest dollar. To get started with this free service, all you need is your Southern Bank debit card and checking account, and a Southern Bank savings account.