It’s normal to stress out during the holidays, but Southern Bank wants to take one thing off your plate: money worries.

The winter holidays will soon be here with the promise of good cheer and good times. Unfortunately, they're also ticking time bombs in terms of stress. From family issues to gift choices, the holiday season can take its toll. Banking doesn't have to add to the anxiety. Southern Bank brings you peace of mind with these tips for the holidays, along with personal checking benefits for our customers - whether in Rocky Mount or any of our other towns in NC and VA.

Boost Your Mood

Set aside time for a short walk. The exercise will relax you and help you sleep better – bonus mood-boosting points if the sun is shining. If anxiety is disrupting your sleep, consider herbal supplements or fine-tuning your nighttime routine to wind you down to relaxation. For extra stress relief, there's nothing like a good laugh to take your mind off your crazy-long to-do list – and the toll all that holiday shopping is taking on your bank account. Escape for a while with your favorite sitcom or a night at the comedy club.

Holiday Do’s and Don'ts for Managing Stress

It's important to realize that everything doesn't have to be perfect. Managing your expectations will help you enjoy time with the people you care about most.


    Take some time for yourself
    Create a plan for holiday shopping and entertaining
    Minimize where possible by eliminating unnecessary tasks


    Skimp on sleep
    Create a plan for holiday shopping and entertaining

Building a substantial amount of savings for the holidays is easier than you might think. Open a Christmas Club account with a small outlay; Southern Bank requires a low $25 initial deposit. Start your holiday banking journey with the money you've saved at your local Southern Bank branch.

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