(Jessica) Welcome to Money Matters on the Southern Bank Financial Wellness Network. I'm Jessica.

(John) And I'm John.

(Jessica) And today we're talking about what to do if ends just aren't meeting. John, what should we do if it feels like we're drowning in debt?

(John) Well, first, Jessica, call your lender. Often, they're willing to work with you to find a solution and figure out a payment plan. 

(Jessica) You never know what the answer will be until you ask! And asking for help shows you're serious about getting your finances back in order.

(John) Exactly! And once that's done, prioritize your bills. Basic needs take the top of the list - food, shelter, utilities, and transportation. From there, it may be worth trying an accelerated repayment method to start eliminating debts.

(Jessica) If you have an emergency fund, this might qualify as a time to dip in and ease at least some of the burden to get back on track or ensure you don't go further into debt.

(John) Thanks, Jessica. We'll see you next time on Money Matters. And remember, Financial Wellness starts here!

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