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(Kristen) Welcome to Money Matters at 7:57 with Justin Chastain. And, Justin, budgeting – not always an easy task for most of us, but what are some good goals to set for a budget? We all do that, you know – New Year goals.

(Justin) You know, when I think of goals, I think of pandas. Now, you’re like, OK, now what? Bamboo? They need to be strong but flexible, and they don’t need to be anything that’s not realistic or valuable to you. I see so many times they start too big and they don’t hit their goal and then they give up. Yeah, start small, learn fast, and don’t be too hard on yourself. And then, also, money is very emotional. Find a trusted advisor that can help you with this because you’re going to have hiccups. You just don’t want to give up. That’s the biggest thing.

(Kristen) That’s the best thing. That’s all the goals we’re setting for this year, right?

(Justin) Personal, professional, or financial.

(Kristen) I love it. All right. We’ll set those goals the right way. So, thank you, Justin, for being with us today, and we’ll see you next time at 7:57. Until then, remember, financial wellness starts here.

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