(Kristen) Welcome to Money Matters at 757 with Justin Chastain. And Justin, we are thinking about our credit scores today. So let’s start with the basics: what is it, and why is it important?

(Justin) So it’s important because your credit score is a calculation of how risky you are to default on payments. The score’s calculated by how well you’re making your payments — that’s the biggest bulk of it — how much credit you’ve used based on your credit limits, how long you’ve had credit, and then a mix of your credit or how much new credit you’ve opened up.

(Kristen) Okay.

(Justin) Best way to do this is get with a trusted advisor and then actually learn how to read a credit report. And then also have a credit monitoring service that comes with your banking account. That way you make sure it’s a part of your monthly preparation and your financial wellness plan.

(Kristen) Okay, and they can also advise you on how things can impact that credit score as well?

(Justin) For sure.

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