Money Matters: Living Within Your Means

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Hey! Let’s talk about something fundamental, like living within your means.

Living within your means may be the most important financial habit. If you live within your means, your monthly expenses will not be more than your net monthly income.

There are three steps you can take to see if you’re living within your means.

Step 1. Record everything you spend your money on over the course of a month to get a picture of your spending habits.

Step 2. Add up all of your expenses and subtract them from your net monthly income. If your overall expenses are more than what you’re making, you aren’t living within your means.

Step 3. If you aren’t living within your means, examine your expenses more closely and try to figure out why.

Living within your means can help keep you out of debt and allow you to save for the future. See you next time on Money Matters!


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