(Kristen) Welcome to Money Matters at 7:57 with Justin Chastain. And, Justin, what should we consider when choosing a mortgage lender? Hot topic right now.

(Justin) For sure. Just like in any trusted advisor in your life, whether it's in accounting, insurance, banker, make sure your mortgage lender is looking at your whole financial picture, not just saying, "Hey, I can beat this rate." Well, what if the payment or what if the house you're in fits your values better? They really need to be looking at your overall financial plan and making sure that whatever they decide for you — or y'all work together with — is a good benefit for your entire plan, not just an interest rate.

(Kristen) And this is something you can bring your bank trusted advisors in on, correct?

(Justin) Oh, for sure, and I would highly recommend it, and if they had a problem with that, it might be a sign!

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