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(Kristen) Welcome to Money Matters at 7:57 with Justin Chastain. And, Justin, let’s talk about renter’s insurance. So, a lot of people want to know, what is it for?

(Justin) So, renter’s insurance protects you and your belongings, but it can even protect you outside of the dwelling that you’re renting.

(Kristen) Oh, really?

(Justin) It can. So, it gives you additional liability. So, for instance, say you take your laptop to Starbucks — and apparently you got to have a special tray for that now, but make sure it’s sanitized — and if you leave it unattended and it gets stolen, your renter’s insurance can actually help reimburse you for your computer laptop.

(Kristen) Wow!

(Justin) I don’t advise you leaving it unattended, but life happens.

(Kristen) Still great, and average cost, is it worth it?

(Justin) Yes, for sure. It’s much cheaper than home owners. I mean, you are looking at an average of $160 a year for your premium, and it can protect hundreds of thousands of dollars in belongings.

(Kristen) Amazing. Go talk to your trusted advisor to talk about that, for sure, because that is worth getting, and I would definitely recommend that.

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