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Hey! Welcome to the New Southern Bank Personal Mobile App.

This is a new app for Southern Bank customers with new features and benefits. Before launching the app, make sure you have a personal online banking profile. This will sync all of your data and keep your accounts up to date.

Download the Latest App

Search for “SBT Mobile” or “Southern Bank and Trust.”

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  • Enhanced Debit Card Controls: Turn your debit card on and off with the tap of a button. Control your transactions by geography, purchase amount, transaction types, and more.

  • Zelle®: Send money with Zelle®, one of the most widely accepted direct payment networks in the world that provides a fast, safe and easy way to send money simply and securely to almost anyone in minutes.

  • Personal Finance Tools: A variety of tools to help you better manage your money. Make budgeting easy with Budget Bubbles. Review your spending habits and transactions. Set your financial goals and see how long it will take you to achieve them.

  • Account Controls: Deposit checks, transfer money between accounts, pay bills, receive instant real-time alerts for account activity, and view your account balance, all from the home screen.

  • Stay in touch: You can locate a branch or ATM, contact our customer care team, and share our app with friends and family.

    And so much more.

The New App Icons

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Use your Southern Bank account with any of these mobile pay services.

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Login Instructions

To access your account with the new SBT Mobile app, you will use the same Username and Password that you use with Online Banking (

  1. If you have set up Online Banking but have not used it within the past 90 days, you should call Southern Bank Customer Care at 1-855-ASK-SBANK (1-855-275-7226) to reactivate your account.
  2. If you’ve already set up Online Banking and have used it within the past 90 days, just download the app and enter the Username and Password you use for Online Banking.
  3. If you have NOT set up Online Banking, you can do so at personal online banking. Then you will be able to log in to the app with your Online Banking Username and Password.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I don’t use Online Banking?
A: You don’t have to use Online Banking, but you do have to set it up in order to use our new App. Make sure you are active in your Southern Bank Online Banking by logging in via from a supported browser every 60 days.

Q: How do I enroll in online banking and set up my online profile?
A: To enroll, you will need your drivers license number and your checking account information. Then click on this link and follow the instructions on that page.

Q: Can I use Face ID or fingerprint to open the app?
A: Yes, AFTER you have logged in with your Username and Password and changed the settings to allow biometrics. It may take a few logins before your biometrics (Face or Touch ID) are recognized and usable on your device.

Q: I am still having problems using Face ID or Touch ID log in. What do I do?
A: Log in to Mobile App > Click More > Click Settings > Click Quick Access > Turn Off Touch/Face ID. Close App and then reopen and turn the biometrics back on.

Q: Why do I get an “Authenticate Device” message?
A: For extra security, a special code is sent to your device the first time you log in. If this code is entered incorrectly or if your credentials are entered incorrectly (remember to use same credentials as your Online Banking), you will be locked out for 24 hours. After 24 hours, you can attempt again.

Q: Why do I continue to get an “Authenticate Device” message?
A: You will receive this message until your device is recognized with our new Mobile App, which may take several login attempts, depending on the device.

Q: Why do I have to change Username and Password for the new app?
A: The new app must have the same Username and Password as your online banking profile. This keeps your account information up to date in both places.

Q: How do I reset my Password in the new Mobile App?
A: To reset your Password, select the “Password Reset” button at the bottom of the screen. Do not enter your Username. Select the “Reset Your Password?” option in blue, then enter and verify your information. Click continue, and you will receive a one-time security code to change your Password.

Q: How do I know if the app works with my device?
A: The new app is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later and Android 4.1 or later.

Online Banking Enrollment

In order for you to access your account with the new app, you must have a personal online banking profile. It only takes minutes to do and will save you big time later. Once set up, your info will automatically transfer to the new app and you won’t miss a beat, or a payment, or a deposit!

Explore the Southern Bank Mobile App Features

Setting up Touch/Face ID

Learn how to activate Touch/Face ID in the app. Before you can set up Touch/Face ID, you’ll need to make a passcode for your device in your device settings. If you set Touch/Face ID to pay within apps, anyone with access to your device through Touch/Face ID will always have access to your Mobile App.

Enable Alerts

The merchant alerts setting allows you to be notified when purchases are made at department stores, gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants or other types of transactions you select.

Card Controls

Learn how to enable or disable your card, block international purchases and enable or disable certain transaction types.

Using Zelle®

Zelle makes it easy to send or receive money with people you trust. Learn more about Zelle®

Mobile Deposits

The New Southern Bank Personal Mobile App makes it even easier to make your deposits from anywhere. 

Mobile Bill Pay

Pay bills while you’re on the go with the New Southern Bank Mobile App.

Setting up Mobile Wallet

Learn how to set up and use Mobile Wallet for fast and easy, touchless payments.

Adding cards to Apple Pay

Once your Mobile Wallet is made, learn how to add cards to your iOS device.

Adding cards to Google Pay

Adding mobile payment methods to your Android device is made easy using Google Pay.

Using MyDashboard

Learn how to access several personal finance tools to help you manage your money.